Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Sheffield Haul.

I've mentioned it in previous posts but I spent last week in Sheffield. Whilst I was there I spent far too much of my birthday money! I though I'd show you all what I bought-

Dress- I got this dress from Primark, it was reduced from £15 to £7. There is a little black belt which came with it but I've worn the dress so it is currently missing!
Cardigan- I bought the cardigan for £6 from Primark, it's a lovely shade of purple. I really like it and I'll wear it a lot in winter!

Above, you can see a close up of the floral pattern on the dress and the shade of purple of the cardigan. I really like both.

Jacket- I love this jacket, I think it's kind of mint green. It cost £12 from Primark. It's really warm and baggy.

Shirt- I'm not sure how much the vest top was, my receipt is really difficult to understand. I think it was around £3-£5. It's slightly sheer but I love the pattern!

I adore the pattern on this shirt. I think that the little planets/spaceships are cute. 

Jeans- These skinny jeans were £11 from Primark, I've wanted a grey jeans for a while. These were perfect.

Tights- The burgundy tights were £3.50 from Primark. They are a lovely colour and they'll go nicely with so many of my dresses in Winter. 

Above is a closer/better picture of them both, I hope the tights are "super cosy"!!!

Make-up bag- I bought the make-up bag in the top pictures for £3.50 from Primark. It's generously sized and has a lovely floral pattern on it. I'll be able to put all of my everyday make-up into it easily.

Shower jelly- I bought Sweetie Pie shower jelly from Lush because it smelt lovely and looked interesting. It is literally jelly but it sounds easy to use. I'll review it! It cost around £3.50.

Charity pot- I also bought their charity pot. It smells .. DISGUSTING. It's a hand and body lotion that cost £1.  Despite the smell I bought it for charity. It's probably a good product.

Make-up brush- I bought the make-up brush for £2.99 from Superdrug. I initially bought it to use for my powder but I think it is a better blush brush. It isn't a specific type of brush and it isn't branded. 

Candle- The Spring Blossom scented candle was £1.00 from Primark. I haven't tried their candles before and it smells nice so I thought I'd give it a try.

BarryM nail varnish- The nail varnish was £2.99 from Boots. The picture makes the nail varnish look really dark, it isn't. It's a great shade of green.

Mac lipstick- I bought my first Mac lipstick. Wooooo! It's in the shade "Russian Red". It was £14 from Debenhams. A girl who helped me pick it was lovely, the shade apparently suits my skin tone.

MUA blush- I bought this peachy MUA blush from Superdrug for £1. I love MUA products!

Studs- The studs were £1.50 from Primark. There are 9 pairs. I think they're all really cute.

Necklace and Earrings- The necklace cost £2.00 from Primark, it matches the earrings which were £2.50. I like the shapes of both and the cute bronze/gold "studs" embedded in them. 

I hope you all like this post. I've been shopping again recently so I'll post another haul soon.

I'd also like to wish Good Luck to anyone getting their As/A level results tomorrow. I'm so nervous, I should be in bed sleeping right now!

Thank-you for reading! xx