Sunday, 17 June 2012

Photography Exam - Final Pictures

Heya everyone, today I thought I would show you my photography exam pictures!! I've just about finished my photography As level which is exciting! I can't wait to my A-level. Photography is definitely my favourite hobby. My theme for my exam was personal possessions. Here they are -

My little sister, Abbie who is 9, modelling with a bear.
My sister again hugging the bear.

A rose and a piano. Two personal possessions combined!
A still life of person possessions. Towards the back on the right is a family picture of me with my three siblings!

A pocket watch.


My friend Jess and more clothing in the woods!

My friend Jess in the picture above has a blog which you can find here! I think that my favourite picture is my sister staring dreamily out of the window. I'm proud and happy with them all though! Do any of you do photography for an As/A level or as a hobby? Thank-you for reading :) xx


  1. Great photos, good luck!

  2. Some lovely photos and I really like the ones with the clothes in the woods :)

    Tanesha x