Monday, 28 May 2012

My weekend!

Helloo! I thought I would do a little post about my weekend because it really was a good one! My exams ended Friday afternoon so everything has been amazing since then and I've had time to enjoy the sunny weather - Hence the lack of posts. I'm sorry!
Anyway on Friday I went to the Cardiff Olympic Concert, my friend won tickets so what a good way to celebrate my last exam! I'm sure everyone who follows me will know that Britain is hosting the Olympics this summer so this was the reason for the concert!
I missed the first main band, Kids In Glass Houses, due to my exam but I got there in time to see  Emeli Sande, The torch and You Me At Six!!

Look how close the lead singer of You Me At Six, Josh Francheschi, was!! I love Emeli Sande and You Me At Six. Do any of you like You Me At Six or Emeli Sande?
I'm sorry about the crap photos of Emeli and the torch. I couldnt see the stage properly due to a stupid camera man but I was right at the front! It was amazing seeing the torch, the concert was full of 16,000 people so the atmosphere was AMAZING!

On Saturday I saw the torch again, in my home town, Merthyr Tydfil! It was my father's birthday so we then went to celebrate at a beautiful beach in Swansea!

My two year old brother loved the beach and sandcastle making, I loved watching him play. We had a nice time together exploring the rock pools and collecting shells to decorate his sandy castles!

I'm sorry that this post is late. On Sunday and yesterday I had to do lots of photography work and give in my final photography exam photos yesterday! I still had fun though, I love photography and the weather has been gorgeous!!

I hope you all had a fun weekend and have a fun week, I have a feeling I will! I'm in such a positive, happy mood, Thank-you for reading!!! xx


  1. ah looks like you had a lovely weekend al :) thats a gorgeous picture of issac :D xx

  2. Looks like you had a great weekend :) and that you got to enjoy the sun!

    1. Yes I did! :) I enjoyed the sun very much! I hope you had a nice weekend too :)